I’m not a poodle!

Been a good day today.  Kai is still concentrating on just the meat portion of his meals, but he is eating and I sneak in some bites of rice.  We are mixing his food with a variety of things to be sure he is getting proper nutrition.  Blackberries, raspberries, coconut oil, chlorella, garlic, parsley and ginger.  Some things he loves, others I try to trick him into eating.  Hiding a bit of parsley in a raspberry can be fun.

His fur is also growing back nicely.  The shaved armbands and naked belly have been replaced by some dense fur.  It reminds me of how a pug’s fur feels.  Now we can’t tease him for looking like a badly shaved poodle.

Today was sunny and warm so he spent a bit of time outside.  I wanted to have him out there more late this afternoon, but his neighborhood stalkers were out.  I know they mean well, but some days you just want to enjoy your dog and the great outdoors without interruption.  Going to try to get him out on the back patio for a few moments this evening.  It’s the little things that keep us all going.


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