Touching base

It has been many months since I stopped in and posted something.  We are all doing okay.  Our two other dogs have in their own ways moved on, although there are times when we see changes in them — things that are just a bit different from when Kai was still alive.  Our female shepherd, Elli, seems to have stepped up into the role of “top dog.”  There are many times I see her in a certain light or doing something and I see Kai in her.  It is painful, but at the same time comforting.  She has really tried her hardest to fill in the void.

I have gone back and forth trying to decide whether I should share my last day with Kai with all of you.  Part of me thinks it may help others, but then I feel like it may be gruesome and off-putting to others.  Ultimately, death is part of life so a post could happen about it or I may just keep that very private moment in my life and his to myself.


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