One of those weeks

I am not sure what it has been about this week in particular, but it has been a tough one.  It may be the weather changing back and forth from warm to cold or my schedule just has me exhausted so my emotions are a bit tender.  There have also been a few conversations with the neighborhood kids about Kai.  They firmly believe he is in heaven with one of the dogs in the neighborhood that recently died.  These discussions with 12 year olds are bittersweet.  I hope they are right when they say we will all see Kai and Gizzy, his neighborhood friend, again and that Gizzy is no longer afraid when Kai barks at her.  He loved to bark!

The picture above is from February 2004.  Kai got some new shoes to protect his paws from the bitter cold outside that winter.  He never did get fully used to them and walked with a very high step anytime he had the shoes on.  He took it in stride and enjoyed the giggles he received as he walked.


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