One day at a time

We had another rough weekend.  Actually I think part of the weekend was good, but Sunday was miserable.  Kai spent the day with heavy breathing and not wanting to eat.  His drinking was immense.  He also would wobble and look like he was going to pass out any time he stood.  Although I try not to think about what may be going on inside, it does happen.  Every little thing makes you wonder – is he drinking more because he is bleeding inside and needs to make up for the blood loss?  Are his kidneys failing?  Is the bulge in his belly from blood accumulation or is he just laying a certain way?  It can drive you nuts!  I spent the day cooking to keep my mind off things.

Sunday night found us with little sleep and a lot of tension.  It is hard watching the one you love in such dire shape.  Add a terribly restless night and the nerves of the humans are shot.  Thankfully Mark still has some vacation time and was able to take the day off on Monday.  I slept for a few hours in the morning and felt better.  We caught up on laundry as most of our blankets were wet from Kai not being able to go outside.  I bought some vinyl sheets that day to save our beds and hopefully to make things a bit easier for everyone. 

Kai improved through the day and was eating mainly the meat from his diet by lunch.  For some reason he has been avoiding the rice in the food.  This past batch of food I didn’t mix together except for half the chicken and the rice.  If Kai continues to avoid the rice then we can use it for meals for humans and the other dogs.  We had slept a lot better last night although the time change has mucked things up a bit – Elli and Anna wanted to go out at 4:30am.  Bah!

Today Kai has been outside several times and has a healthy appetite.  It is important to try to get food in his belly along with the supplements he takes.  We continue to hope and pray he is fighting the cancer inside and these dips in energy and health are him just recovering from the fight.


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