“K-9 Immunity has been used in over 10,000 canine cancer patients to date (Dec 2006) and the manufacturer’s observations have been overwhelmingly positive in regards to clinical outcome. While cancer is one of the most serious of all diseases for the medical and veterinary profession to face, clinical observation shows that most patients experience a greater Quality Of Life, longer remission status and overall greater effective response to other therapies when using K-9 Immunity compared to patients not receiving it.”

We have been ordering K9 Immunity Plus from Aloha Medicinals as they make the product, but I found it today at K9 Medicinals for the same price with free shipping!  The product contains organic medicinal mushrooms and is made in the USA.  K9 Immunity Plus and K9 Immunity both are used as an immune system enhancment for dogs facing serious health challenges.  “The stronger your dog’s immune system, the quicker he or she will snap back from a serious illness like cancer.”   There is a FAQ for the product here – http://www.k9medicinals.com/faq.html  It can be used for dogs with illness, but healthy dogs benefit as well.  Never fear there are human formulas too!

Kai has been on this since the second or third day he came home.  Weeks 1-4ish certainly saw a huge improvement from his initial state before surgery.  He went from being lethargic and uninterested in food to gobbling meals, dragging us with his leash on walks and being upbeat. 

Week 4-5 he seems to have something new going on.  He will spend a few days energetic and on the move and then he will have several days of not wanting to move much aside from going outside to go potty.  His appetite has generally been good during these times so he is able to eat his special diet and supplements, but it can take some urging at times.  We hope he is just exerting energy for a few days and then needs a few days to recover from the energy burst.  We have read that those without a spleen tend to have times where their energy plummets.  We pray that he is fighting the cancer and will continue to improve.


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