Kai came home on Wednesday the 29th.  I spent the morning preparing for his return.  Cleaned the house, shopped for groceries, gathered up supplies and bought a crib mattress for him to lay on in the living room.  The crib mattress seemed like a good idea as it is waterproof and about the same size as a large dog bed. 

We picked him up in the afternoon.  Of course we had to settle up our bill before we even saw Kai.  By the time we stepped out of Valley Central we had spent $5145.20.  The estimate was around $3000, so this was a painful reminder of the money-making side of the vet business.  In hindsight, we should have saved for an emergency like this and we should have asked the folks at Alpha what their costs would be.  VC is notorious for overcharging.  Ultimately, we would have paid much more to give Kai the chance he has to fight the cancer.  His life is more important than money, but being charged so much is painful.  Greed. :(

We spoke to the surgeon while the vet nurses prepared Kai to leave.  I don’t remember much of the conversation with the doctor.  I really just wanted to get Kai home.  I do believe we asked how long Kai likely had the cancer and the surgeon could not tell us.  It is likely if we could backtrack his symptoms, Mark and I would have a better estimate than the professionals.

The vet nurse went over Kai’s discharge information – staples out in 10-14 days, exercise restrictions for 3 weeks, back to regular food, keep the wound clean, biopsy results in a week, call us if you have questions.  Kai came out and we were happy to see how well he was doing.  He was able to walk on his own and was very alert.  He was also happy to see us.  I also had a chance to speak briefly with one of my former classmates of the vet tech program, Allison.  I had seen her the day Kai was admitted but was so upset I couldn’t talk.  It was a comfort though to know she worked there and Kai would be in good hands.  It was nice to see her on Kai’s discharge day under better circumstances.

The trip home was pleasant.  The rainy days had turned into sunny giving us much hope and lifting our spirits.


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